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My information workflow gets me up-to-speed every morning.  I’ve had a number of people ask me what apps I use, what websites I check, and how I stay on top of things at work.  The answer: I don’t stay on top of things like I would like…there is simply too much information out there.  But with a few good apps and websites, you can get a good big picture for whether the world is still spinning each morning.

Here is a short list of apps and sites I check each day to make sure I’m on top of things and as in-the-know as possible:

iOS Apps:

Apps Gone Free – I’m always trying out new apps and there is rarely a reason to pay for them unless you need something specific…right now!  This app will give you a daily list of apps that usually require some $$ but today are free.

Editions – This is my favorite story/link aggregator.  It learns in an almost creepy way.  I love it and check it EVERY morning.

Drudge Report – He has an app.  It doesn’t always allow sharing via Twitter without crashing but is otherwise a much quicker way to get the big picture on the National news.

Flipboard – search for it.  You’ll like it.

Facebook – Duh.


Iowa Legislature – You have to need to navigate it.  The website designer did a great job as the overall look was revamped a couple of years ago and looks good.  The LSA, however, always makes it too complicated and wonky to navigate.  The backend is weak, the email subscriptions are set up in a way to slowly force lobbyists to off themselves, and their inability to make pages iOS friendly (ie. amendments) makes me want to stop paying my taxes.  But what do you do?

The Bean Walker – An Iowa version of Drudge Report that isn’t updated frequently but worth checking once each day.

Iowa .Gif-t Shop – Hilarious take on Iowa happenings at the Capitol.  Funnier if you have a context for the place… Not all that informational but makes me chuckle each day.

Caffeinated Thoughts – The best Iowa-based political blog in my humble opinion.  The homepage sometimes loads a little slowly but it’s worth the wait…trust me.

The Iowa Republican – Iowa political news.  Refreshingly honest about their bias.

Des Moines Register – If you can’t help yourself (I check it once a day), turn on your private browsing function and give your screen the proverbial middle finger in tribute to their frustrating “trial period” subscription scheme.  They are Left, proud, and don’t try very hard to hide it.

That’s it.  If you are an Iowan who wants to get a good big-picture of what’s going on, I think the apps and websites above will keep you pretty plugged in.  Now you don’t have to ask me what’s going on anymore. 😉  Ask me about cycling, soccer, my kids, my wife, family, theology, doctrine, history, books…anything but politics – especially this time of year.

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