You may have read a post and wondered about me. I don’t understand me so you probably won’t either…

I was born a poor rural Iowa child to a single mom in the 70s.  We lived in the Lake Mills, Iowa area for six years before moving to Austin, Texas in search of a better life.  Instead we procured a healthy amount of Texas pride that still gives me a hankerin’ at times for BBQ, chili, and Tex-Mex.

I moved back to Iowa from Southern California while living with my uncle and his family and graduated from Des Moines Christian School after having attended nine public schools in three States.  After achieving academic probation at DMACC immediately after high school, I worked a couple years and found a good woman before finishing my four-year degree at William Penn University (Cum Laude!).  I have been immersed in the public policy and nonprofit worlds since moving back to Iowa and currently reside in Des Moines with my wife, Rachel, and our two kids, Kyle and Keira.

My career has included stints as an Administrative Assistant in Governor Branstad’s office, a brief stint at the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, spent six years raising money for nonprofits, and have been self employed as a lobbyist and consultant for various clients since December 2006.  I am a former member of the Iowa State Board of Education and have a passion for education policy fueled by my roles as a dad and a school choice /parental rights advocate.

This blog will serve as an outlet for my random thoughts.  I have no plans for massive readership or prolific posting nor do I suspect you’ll find profound insight.  I hope, however, you’ll join me in conversation through this blog.  Few topics will be off limits.

All thoughts and opinions expressed by me are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of my clients, friends, family, wife, or anyone else I will probably make cringe or blush.

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