A Tiny Retrospective

The last time I posted was on November 25 so here is a tiny retrospective on my month and my year.  Crazy how time flies.  Here’s the scoop:

I spent the 27th and 28th in Rochester, MN accompanying my grandfather to Mayo Clinic to have an experimental procedure done to rid him of an infection that wouldn’t go away.  He’s feeling much better since the procedure, it was an honor to take him up there, and I’m hopeful that he’s cured.  We’ll find out in a month or so I guess.  He’s also moved into a new house in Britt, Iowa since I last posted.  Weird to have him in a different house than the one he’s lived in for 40 years.

Deer season was good.  Except I developed a cold while at deer camp.  I didn’t shoot anything either.  There is something so beautiful (I’ve written about this before) about sitting in the woods all day, however.  The peace, beauty, and solitude are awesome.  I need a tree stand or a really nice seat with backrest from now on though.  I’m too old for a bucket and no backrest now.

I was sick during our annual Xmas Party (Google it before any ignorant comments about taking “Christ” out of Christmas, please) this year.  Kind of a bummer but we had a good time, raised some money to send a care package to a soldier in Afghanistan and help a local family out.  The cold lasted over two weeks.  Everyone in the family got it to some degree.  Kyle even had to go to the doctor because he had many days in a row with a fever.  No flu.  Huh.  There goes that wive’s tale.

Christmas with my in-laws at the cabin was nice.  We are now preparing for Christmas at home with our kids and my mother.

I hope your holiday season is awesome.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s it’s hard to get much work done, but it’s a beautiful time to celebrate, reflect, and renew.

I’ll leave you with a couple of interesting links.  First, don’t panic when companies make bad decisions…but don’t take your customers for granted, either.  Finally, I had an amazing year.  You can see a brief review with Facebook’s nifty “year-in-review” feature.  A trip to Ireland and Italy, the loss of my largest client, a fruitless job search, great time with family, work on the house, picked up cycling, lost 20 pounds…what a year.  I hope yours was as blessed as mine in the midst of every year’s ups and downs.

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