Welcome to the newest iteration of ericgoranson.com.  I started this blog over at MobileMe and had this URL pointing at iWeb site.  It’s the only time Steve Jobs ever really let me down.  I thought the service worked fine after the initial and very painful rollout but they yanked my website away from me and switched to a stripped down (albeit very decent) iCloud service.

From there, my blog went to www.ericalan.wordpress.com.  I still have it up.  I’m considering making it my work-only blog where I post thoughts about Iowa politics, public policy, and advice on advocacy and civic engagement.

I still had ericgoranson.com, though, and didn’t want to keep paying for a domain name I was never going to use.  So here it is.  A new home, same boring theme I was using before, but a sweet blend of old skool URL with new-skool WordPress functionality.

Read.  Comment.  Repeat.

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