Our Nation’s Ugly Reproductive Past

Our nation’s ugly reproductive past is almost as bad as its attitude toward reproduction in the present.  The following article was printed in Iowa in the late 60s.  This was the time between Margaret Sanger (PP Founder) saying “The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it…” and the Roe v Wade decision that would come in the following decade.  Iowa was not immune to believing that State-sanctioned and paid-for sterilizations of people that might have children with birth defects was the right thing to do.  These people played God for people, many of whom were in their most vulnerable states of mind.

Iowa Eugenics Board: Sterilization of Iowans on the Decline
Iowa Eugenics Board Article




























I wish I had the rest of the story.  It is cut off.  But you get the point.  This article is a litmus test for your moral and spiritual health.  If you read it and aren’t ashamed that our State joined most others in behaving this way; you may have a conscience seared to the point of worthlessness.

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