Updates on Two Critical Issues

February 27th, 2012 § 0 comments

There are two critical issues facing America that capture my attention and which I’m passionate about. ┬áBoth have had significant news and coverage lately so I figured I’d list some links below if you are interested about one or both of these issues.

Education Reform / Federal Takeover of Education:

Ed Week: Special Ed Vouchers May Open Doors For Choice

Arne Duncan Loses Temper: Deviates from Backroom Strategy

New Study Shows Higher Graduation, Achievement Rates for Milwaukee Voucher Students!

Special Choices: Do voucher programs help students with special needs?

U.S. Department of Education Gets Defensive on National Standards

Obama’s Education Takeover

Religious Liberty:

The Truth Should Not Be A Secret: Myth #1

Catholic Advocate: “Consultation”

Obama Urges Churches to Get Political…as long as they are supporting him…

Just a sampling.  Let me know if you have other good stories on these subjects!

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