A Day In The Life…

What a day.

I started the day at the Capitol watching the Occupy Iowa, CCI, and Labor Unions obnoxiously protest during before and after the Governor’s Condition of the State Address.  It’s one thing to show up, have a rally in the rotunda, and be seen.  It’s another to name-call, form a gauntlet, try to be physically intimidating, and boo the Governor, Lt. Governor, their families, and legislators as they enter and leave the House Chamber.  It was tacky and reflected very poorly on all of them as individuals.  The left always calls for tolerance and civility…until it’s their ox being gored.  In the case of most of the Occupy protestors, they simply have an outlet to express their chronic discontent with life and choose to protest instead of being productive.

Later in the day I found out I lost my largest client.  I’ll be looking for clients to replace that income.  Let me know if you have any leads!  🙂

Now I am sitting at my computer way past my bedtime because every time I lay down I can’t stop coughing.  Tried water, honey…so I’m just waiting until I’m tired enough to fall asleep in between coughs.

How was your day?  Let me know if it was extraordinary so I can live vicariously through you this week.  I’m living for the weekend at this point.  What I do find comforting today is knowing my wife is supportive, my kids are healthy, and that God makes it clear in James 1 that if I lack wisdom and ask for it, He’ll give it liberally.  I have faith He will.  I need it more than ever.

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